A series for the preparation of T-20 World Cup will begin from today

News Daily Digital Desk: There is only one month left before the T-20 World Cup in Australia. After the Asia Cup disaster, Australia and South Africa series at home are the last two opportunities for Team India to prepare for the cup. Where the middle order needs to be fixed. At the same time, it is necessary to see who will be the number six bowler of the team. That is why the T20 series against Australia starting on Tuesday is very important for India.

India did not bat badly in the last Asia Cup. The batsmen gave away good runs despite having problems with the bowling. However, what will be the picture of the Indian middle order needs to be finalized in the Australia series. Because, Ravindra Jadeja (Ravindra Jadeja) got injured and went out of the World Cup. So it is important to see whether Dinesh Karthik will be played or Rishabh Pant with emphasis on the role of finisher. One more thing to note. That is, KL Rahul’s strike rate. Indian captain Rohit has said that Rahul will be given priority in the upcoming T20 World Cup opener. Rahul knows he needs to improve his strike rate. He also said that he will do it from the Australia series.

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“No one is perfect,” Rahul said at the pre-match press conference on Monday. Everyone tries to improve the strike rate. I do too.” In the last Asia Cup, Rahul’s strike rate was 122. Although Rahul’s strike rate in T20 is 140 plus. “And the strike rate is considered overall. A batsman batting at a strike rate of 200 is profitable, or a team is winning by batting at a strike rate of 120, it is not seen,” said Rahul. With the addition of the Indian co-captain, “But it’s true, I’m playing with my strike rate. Everyone on the team is told who to do what. That was said a year ago.”

The World Cup is a month away. Before that, there is a series against Australia first, followed by South Africa. According to Rahul, the full strength of the Indian team is yet to emerge. Said, “We are now playing eighty-eighty-five percent of our full capacity. Our batting, or bowling, has not yet reached its peak. A few things still remain to be seen. All these things can win a world-class tournament.”

Today on TV – (India vs Australia)
First T20, 7.30 pm, Star Sports

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