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We bring you the latest news from across the globe including politics, sports, entertainment, business, technology, science, lifestyle, travel, fashion, food, education, health, music, art, culture, and more!

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Mouth Shut News brings you the best news from across the globe.

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We are a group of highly experienced and courageous young journalists of diverse nationalities. The World is in your fist; Mouth Shut News is a global news site that provides deep analysis. With our social media platforms, we can open up the discussion about the World we live in with our followers. We offer much more than the headlines we receive, and our goal is to help users explore the World. Mouthshut news has its Global base located in Kolkata. We bring our readers news every day and by the hour.

Mouth Shut News offer facts that are not influenced. We are journalists that are impartial to the core and honest when it comes to the political climate in the global arena. The public is dissatisfied with biased news, and we are a part of an internationalized world that is united. Therefore, for us, the World is indeed one.

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