Alimuddin street will celebrate Durga Puja after 8 years. Sangbad Pratidin

Nirufa Khatun: Only a few days left. Puja starts from October 1. Taufiq and Shakil have no time to eat and drink. Now construction of mandap on footpath of 74A AJC Bose Road is going on in full swing. Tawfiq-Shakil is supervising. Wasim, Abdur Rahman went to Kumortuli a month ago and brought the idol. There will be food and drink in the area for a few days of Puja. Will there ever be a key menu? Munna is busy making a list of Joyant and Sharmila on the day of Bhog. Due to lack of initiative, pujas in minority areas were stopped eight years ago. The puja has started again from last year on the initiative of minorities. This year Taufiq-Shakil-Wasimra is organizing the puja with more fanfare.

Alimuddin Street is a minority area in Ward No. 62 of Kolkata Municipality. Mainly inhabited by non-Bengali Muslims. There are a handful of Bengali Hindu families here. At first, small puja was done here on their own initiative. The puja was stopped in 2013 due to financial reasons. Local minorities took the initiative to re-open the Alimuddin Street Puja from last year. Starting from Khotipujo, decorating the mandap, bringing idols, all the responsibilities have been shouldered by Shakil-Tawfiq. The mandap is rising where its awning used to be hung.

Alimuddin Street to celebrate Durga Puja
Alimuddin’s Durga Puja last year.

[আরও পড়ুন: সল্টলেকে বিজেপির দুর্গাপুজোয় মহিলা পুরোহিত, আসতে পারেন নাড্ডা-শাহ]

Muhammad Taufiq Rahman, the organizer of the puja, said, “The festival has no color. The puja was stopped due to financial reasons. The puja started again with the initiative of the minorities in the area. No subscription is charged for the puja. The entire cost is borne by the local minorities. Like this, we all rejoice in the puja now. Enjoy together. There is the experience of Puja last year. So this time the Taufiqs have already started preparing for the Puja. Khotipuja has been done according to the rules. Last year the idol was a little smaller. This time a little bigger idol is being brought. The puja mandap will be opened from October 1.

According to the puja organizers, sandhi puja by priest, bathing of banana wife, anjali, bhog, all are done according to strict rules. Bhoga is cooked by bringing Brahmins. We all go through abandonment. Apart from harmony, this minority puja committee is also in social service. Scholarships are being given to four poor children from the budget this year. There is a fridge in the mandap. There are free cold drinks, juice, lassi available for visitors.

[আরও পড়ুন: আসানসোলে কারখানার ভিতরে গোলাগুলিতে মৃত নিরাপত্তারক্ষী, কাঠগড়ায় সহকর্মী ‘গানম্যান’]

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