Are you awake? Narendra Modi called S Jaishankar at midnight

News Daily Digital Desk: Foreign Minister S Jaishankar’s phone suddenly rang in the middle of the night. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s voice came from the other end. His question to Jaishankar was, are you awake? During a speech, S Jaishankar brought up the incident of 2016 in front of everyone. Jaishankar highlighted this particular incident to show that Narendra Modi is the most qualified person to lead India.

In 2016, there was a terrorist attack on the Indian Consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. Jaishankar was the Foreign Secretary of India at that time. Speaking about the horrific attack, Jaishankar said, “The Indian consulate was attacked in the middle of the night. We all wondered how to handle the situation. That’s when my phone suddenly rang. I was quite surprised. Because when the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) calls, no caller ID is visible.”

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Jaishankar was even more surprised when he picked up the phone. Because Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on the other end of the phone. The first thing he asked on the phone was, “Are you awake?” Jaishankar said to the crowd, what else can be done except staying awake at half past twelve? Because that is very normal in the life of the Prime Minister. Then Modi asked Jaishankar, what are you watching TV? Jaishankar assured him that the rescue team is already working at the Indian consulate. Hearing that, Modi asked about the rescue operation in detail. After taking everyone to a safe place, he hung up saying that all the reports should be conveyed to the Prime Minister.

Jaishankar lauded the role of the Prime Minister in leading the country during the country’s crisis. Referring to the time of the Covid epidemic, Jaishankar said, “If you look at the leaders of other countries of the world, no one has taken an active role in eliminating Covid in that way. Not everyone has the ability to take responsibility for the outcome of a decision. But the Prime Minister has that power. After the fall of Kabul to the Taliban in 2021, how Indians trapped in the country have been rescued. Jaishankar praised the Prime Minister’s role there as well.

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