Calcutta HC orders SSC to release marks breakup of 59 thousand teachers within November 30

Published by: Subhajit Mandal | Posted: September 23, 2022 6:28 pm| Updated: September 23, 2022 6:28 pm

Calcutta HC orders SSC to release marks breakup of 59 thousand teachers within November 30  Sangbad Pratidin

Rahul Roy: It is tougher to catch corruption in teacher recruitment Calcutta High Court Justice Abhijit Ganguly. He ordered to publish the merit list of about 59 thousand teachers by November 30. The Board of Primary Education has to publish the merit list along with the marks of written and oral examination.

In the teacher recruitment process that started in the state in 2014, about 59 thousand people were appointed as teachers in two phases. Justice Gangopadhyay ordered to publish the list of marks obtained by each of them in written and oral examination. The educational qualifications of these 59,000 teachers should also be made public.

[আরও পড়ুন: অধিকৃত ইউক্রেনে গণভোট শুরু রাশিয়ার, পর্তুগালের সমান ভূখণ্ড হাতছাড়া কিয়েভের!]

In 2014, 23 lakh job aspirants applied after the publication of teacher recruitment circular. Among them 21 lakh job aspirants took the exam. Among them, a total of 59,000 people were appointed as teachers in two terms. The first stage recruitment process was completed in 2016. The second phase is appointed in 2020. But a case was filed in the Calcutta High Court that there was corruption in that appointment. It was alleged that among those 59,000, many who are not qualified have got jobs. Many did not get jobs despite getting more marks than them. On the basis of that complaint, Justice Gangopadhyay ordered the publication of the merit list of all those employed in TATE in 2014.

[আরও পড়ুন: সঙ্গীর পকেটে কন্ডোমের রসিদ! রাগে নিজের রিভলবার চালিয়ে খুন করলেন মহিলা পুলিশকর্মী]

In fact, the education department is currently on the backfoot in several recruitment corruption cases in the state. Most of those cases belong to Justice Gangopadhyay’s bench. He has already announced in an interview given to a private media that all those who got jobs illegally in the state should lose their jobs. Then Justice Gangopadhyay’s order to publish this merit list is quite significant.

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