CBI says, SSC committee meetings were held at Partha Chatterjee’s aide office

Arnav Aich: The meeting of the SSC committee was held in the ‘chamber’ of the former education minister’s assistant. The CBI has already interrogated the matter after the information about the meeting before the appointment of the teacher came to hand Partha Chattopadhyay (Partha Chatterjee) and SSC officials. Subiresh Bhattacharya, former head of SSC and vice-chancellor of North Bengal University, is being interrogated to find out more information in this matter.

Former SSC chief advisor Shantiprasad Singh along with accused Pradeep Singh and Prasanna Roy were produced before the special CBI court in Alipore on Thursday. The lawyer of the detainees applied for bail and said that they have been in custody for a long time. Nothing new can be obtained from them in the investigation. So let them be bailed. The CBI lawyer told the court that the arrested are part of the conspiracy. There has been corruption in the appointment of teachers through their recommendation letters. There is still a lot of information to be gained from them. After listening to the speech of both parties, the judge ordered to keep them in jail until October 5.

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According to CBI sources, fake job aspirants were given the appointment letters hand in hand on payment of cash. Several facts and evidences have come into the hands of the CBI in this matter. Based on that, the investigation is going on. Information has already come to the detectives based on the charge sheet that Santiprasad Sinha had called the appointment meeting. That meeting took place in the chamber and office of the assistant of the then Education Minister Partha Chattopadhyay. But SSC has its own house. There is a separate meeting place. According to the CBI, SSC chief advisor Shantiprasad Singh did not hold meetings with other SSC officials in his office so that the blueprint of how fake candidates would be given jobs through agents while depriving the genuine job seekers, did not come out. That meeting took place in the office of the Minister’s Deputy Assistant. Partha Chattopadhyay has repeatedly claimed to the CBI during the cross-examination that he knows nothing about how the SSC committee leaders committed corruption.

But according to CBI officials, it is almost impossible for the meeting to take place in the office of the minister’s assistant, and the minister will not know anything. Partha Chattopadhyay and other detainees were interrogated about who was present in that meeting and what decisions were taken there. Subiresh Bhattacharya was also interrogated by CBI officials at Nizam Palace with the information received from them. CBI claims, there are inconsistencies in the statements of the arrested. It is alleged that they are suppressing some information. Apart from this, information and complaints have come to the CBI that a meeting has been held for the second time regarding the appointment of class 9 and 10 teachers. However, during the cross-examination, inconsistencies were found in the cross-examination regarding this meeting. Further data and evidence are being sought to support these claims. A few more workers and officials of the education department may be interrogated, the CBI (SSC) said.

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