Durand Cup: ATK Mohun Bagan gets a draw against Mumbai City FC

Mumbai City FC: 1 (Jorge Diaz)
Mohun Bagan: 1 (Liston)
News Daily Digital Desk: Mohun Bagan could not correct the mistakes of the first match. In Durand’s second match against Mumbai City FC, the green and maroon brigade wasted a lot of chances. As a result, victory remained elusive for Mohun Bagan even today. On this day, the green and maroon camp drew 1-1 against Mumbai City FC. Liston Colasso scored for Mohun Bagan.

After an unexpected loss to Rajasthan United in the first match, coach Fernando clarified that Mohun Bagan could have scored 6-7 if the players had finished well. In other words, the green-maroon coach has accepted the deficiency that remained in the team’s finishing. But there was no sign of filling that gap today. There were many chances, but only one goal. On the other hand, taking advantage of the weakness of the defense, Mumbai scored to equalize the match.

[আরও পড়ুন: এবার থেকে প্রতি বছর TET, দায়িত্ব নিয়েই ‘কথা দিলেন’ প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা পর্ষদের নয়া সভাপতি]

Mumbai is well known as Mohun Bagan’s stronghold on the ISL stage. Juan Ferrando’s fight against them on Wednesday was practically ‘do or die’. Mohun Bagan had to win to stay in the competition. But Kawko, Bumos could not do that. However, Mohun Bagan started the match well. Good passing and pace in attack was repeatedly putting Mumbai’s defense under pressure. The green-maroon camp got the first goal by Liston’s hand in the 40th minute of the match by creating constant pressure. Mohun Bagan started aggressively in the second half as well. But did not get the goal. On the contrary, Mumbai scored a goal in the 77th minute to draw the match.

[আরও পড়ুন: বাস ভাড়া বৃদ্ধি নিয়ে জনস্বার্থ মামলায় রাজ্যকে তীব্র ভর্ৎসনা, ১০ হাজার টাকা জরিমানাও করল হাই কোর্ট]

This Mohun Bagan will be in the derby within four days. But the green and maroon fans will not be too happy with the state of the team before going down against the arch-rivals. Despite giving good football at times, the green and maroon footballers cannot maintain that rhythm for 90 minutes. And the most worrying thing is not taking advantage of the opportunity. He had to pay the price in the first two matches.

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