Ghosh Family Durga puja in Ranaghat major attraction for devotees

Published by: Akash Misra | Posted: September 21, 2022 5:26 pm| Updated: September 21, 2022 5:26 pm

Ghosh Family Durga puja in Ranaghat major attraction for devotees  Mouthshut News

Biplab Dutta: The belief of nearly five hundred years ago is still intact in the Ghoshbari Puja of Ranaghat. Family members still believe that Devima would personally cook for her family members. In that belief, various things including ghee-coated rice, raw vegetables and various spices are offered in front of Durga Pratima even today. At the end of the puja, the members of the Ghosh family prepare bhog by cooking rice and raw vegetables. This puja, one of the oldest in Ranaghat, is surrounded by various histories. There is also a long history of the initiation and discontinuation of the sacrificial system. The year is 1520. Then the name of Ranaghat was Brahmadanga. It is known from the present members of the Ghosh family that their ancestral zamindari was in Akhna village of Hooghly district. Chaitanyacharan Ghosh, the landowner, moved to Brahmadanga in Nadia with his entire family, disheartened by the Shariki dispute over the property. Bringing the house deity Lakshmi-Janardana with him, he built the temple overnight at Brahmadanga. In that year, Durga Puja started at home. This Ghoshbari puja was famous for animal sacrifice since the beginning of the puja. 51 goats were sacrificed on Navami day. Moshabali was offered during sandhi puja on Ashtami day.

[আরও পড়ুন: এক সময়ে শয়ে শয়ে ছাগল বলি হত, এখন কীভাবে পুজো হয় সিমলাপাল রাজবাড়িতে? ]

Many people came from distant villages to see the sacrifice. However, in 1530, the sacrificial practice was completely stopped due to a Swapnadesha. There is also a story behind it. It is said that Brajbala, a member of the Ghosh family at that time, had a vision of the goddess in a dream one night. In the dream, the goddess ordered Brajabala to stop the sacrifice. Brajabala heard the oracle. It was prophesied that if the order of the goddess is not obeyed, misfortune will happen. The next morning, the dream was known to everyone in the Ghosh family, but no one paid much heed to the order of the dream in the rhythm of the puja. The puja continued as usual. The ritual of sacrifice of goats and buffaloes is also maintained. But, that year, a major incident happened in the family. Ramgopal Ghosh was the head of the Ghosh family at that time. He was Brajabala’s father-in-law. During Devi Paksha that year, he was struck with high fever. He died after suffering from fever for only a few days. Family members regain consciousness. Everyone remembers that prophecy. After that, the centuries-old sacrificial practice was stopped on the advice of the priest.

[আরও পড়ুন: জমিদারের প্রাণ ফিরিয়ে দিয়েছিলেন দেবী! চারশো বছর ধরে ডায়মন্ড হারবারের ভট্টাচার্য পরিবারে পূজিতা উমা]

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