Its Shashi Tharoor Vs Ashok Gehlot for Congress President post

News Daily Digital Desk: Congress is about to get a non-Gandhi president after almost three decades. From what is reported so far, no member of the Gandhi family will contest the presidential election this year. However, at the last moment, seven provincial committees accepted the proposal asking Rahul Gandhi as the president. However, there was no sign of change like Rahul. Therefore, the fight now belongs to the non-Gandhis. In the current situation within the Congress, Shashi Tharoor and Ashok Gehlat are going to have a direct fight in the presidential election.

Its Shashi Tharoor Vs Ashok Gehlot for Congress President post

Election of Congress President on October 17. Submission of nominations starts from Saturday. Shashi Tharoor’s nomination is certain. Tharoor fueled the speculation by meeting Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Monday. He asked for a fair election process in the party. According to Tharoor (Shashi Tharoor), a healthy vote will only strengthen the Congress. While Tharoor’s candidature is confirmed, Gehlot’s candidature is not yet confirmed. The Gandhi family and their close associates want to field the chief minister of Rajasthan. But he is not willing to leave Rajasthan Rajpat and become a candidate for the post of president. However, it will not be easy for Gehlot to ignore Sonia Gandhi’s instructions. If Gehlot eventually becomes the candidate, it will be two non-Gandhi leaders fighting for the post of Congress president after a gap of almost three and a half decades.

[আরও পড়ুন: সহপাঠীদের স্নানের ভিডিও করতে ধৃত ছাত্রীকে চাপ দিত প্রেমিক! চণ্ডীগড় ভিডিও কাণ্ডে প্রকাশ্যে নয়া তথ্য]

Among them, Gehlot will enter the polls as a close friend of the Gandhi family, while Shashi Tharoor will enter the polls as a representative of the rebels. However, recently Tharoor has been trying to get closer to the Gandhi family. He has already joined the ‘Bharat Joro’ march from Kanyakumari to Kashmir under the leadership of Rahul. Met Sonia again. In fact, all the leaders know that it is practically impossible to win the presidential election without the support of the Gandhi family. From that point of view, Gehlot’s margin is heavy. Because the support of the Gandhi family is towards him. And whatever the opposition may say, the Gandhi family’s influence within the Congress is still undisputed.

Its Shashi Tharoor Vs Ashok Gehlot for Congress President post

[আরও পড়ুন: জানা নেই হিন্দি, মহিলার সিট বদলালো ইন্ডিগো, বিমান সংস্থার বিরুদ্ধে সরব তেলেঙ্গানার মন্ত্রী]

Moreover, Gehlot is a veteran leader. He has more or less contact with the leaders of various states. That too is going in his favor. The experience of being the Chief Minister of Rajasthan for several times will also help him. But as a candidate, Tharoor is no slouch either. He will be slightly ahead of Gehlot in terms of clean image, sparkling speech, and familiarity with national politics. Tharoor is the representative of the opposition group that has formed within the Congress. However, the disintegration of this angry group is going against Tharoor. In fact, most of the leaders of this disaffected group of Congress have either left the party or returned to the mainstream. From that point of view, Tharoor does not have such strong group support behind him. So, to win this battle, Tharoor will either have to gain the confidence of the Gandhi family. And the Gandhis should be prevented from interfering in the election process.

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