Minor girl allegedly killed by uncle in Sonarpur

Published by: Tiyasha Sarkar | Posted: September 21, 2022 8:56 am| Updated: September 21, 2022 8:56 am

Minor girl allegedly killed by uncle in Sonarpur  Mouthshut News

Devabrata Mandal, Baruipur: Punishment for crying because of hunger. A four-year-old child died after being killed by a drunken snake. Another three-year-old child was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. The tragic incident took place in Lashkarpur of Benebau village of Sonarpur police station. The police have already arrested the accused Pishamshai Prosenjit Mondal. The judge ordered police custody when he was brought to court.

According to local sources, Dhrit Prasejanjit’s wife and his brother-in-law’s wife work as waitresses in Kolkata. Prosenjit has a six month old baby. His wife went to work with the child. But for the past few days, the accused was keeping the brother-in-law’s two daughters under his care. They were still near Pishamshai on Monday. Allegedly, Prosenjit was intoxicated at night. At that time those two children named Afsara Khatun and Alia Khatun asked him for food. He did not act on it at first. Then the children burst into tears. After a long time, when Afsara and Alia were suddenly given away, Prosenjit shook his head. It is alleged that there was extensive beating.

[আরও পড়ুন: এবার গরুপাচার মামলায় ২ IPS কর্তা জ্ঞানবন্ত সিং ও আকাশ মাঘারিয়াকে দিল্লিতে তলব ইডির]

Both were seriously injured in the beating. They started crying as they were hurt. Prosenjit strangled Afsara after that, it is alleged. Hearing the screams of the children, the people around ran away. But they came and saw that everything was calm. They asked Prasenjit, why the children were crying? As the answer is not satisfactory, doubts are raised. After that they opened the door of the house and saw the frozen body of Afsara lying there. Alia is moaning in pain while injured. After that the police was informed. The injured child was admitted to a local hospital. Police arrested the accused in the night.

[আরও পড়ুন:সন্তান নিতে চেয়েছিলেন অর্পিতা, সম্মতি দিয়েছিলেন পার্থ, চার্জশিটে চাঞ্চল্যকর দাবি ইডির]

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