Now TMC MLA Idris Ali’s dig at BJP Leader Suvendu Adhikari

News Daily Digital Desk: Earlier, Trinamool (TMC) workers were seen wearing t-shirts with ‘Don’t Touch My Body’ written on them. This time Trinamool MLA Idris Ali criticized the state opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari in almost the same manner. The MLA was seen writing in Punjabi, “ED CBI can not touch my body, I am a male.” That means ED, CBI cannot touch me, because I am a man.

It may be noted that in the Nabanna campaign, opposition leader Subhendu Adhikari used the phrase ‘don’t touch my body’ to address the lady police. It was seen in several media that on that day when the female police came to arrest Shuvendu, she objected. Then said, “Don’t touch me.” Don’t touch my body. You are a lady. Call your male colleagues.” don’t touch me Don’t touch my body. you are a woman Call your male colleague. Trinamool took a jibe at Shuvendu’s comment, claiming in a video, “I see Mother Durga in every woman.”

[আরও পড়ুন: এবার গঙ্গার নিচ দিয়ে চলবে পণ্যবাহী গাড়ি! টানেল তৈরির জন্য শুরু সমীক্ষা]

The Trinamool has been accusing the CBI of being one-eyed long before the recent spat over Shuvendu’s “don’t touch my body” comment. The West Bengal ruling party alleged that central investigative agencies like ED, CBI are selectively harassing Trinamool leaders. Subhendu Adhikari is getting concession due to BJP. In duet, Idrish’s fancy Punjabi quips to the opposition leader, “ED CBI can’t touch my body, I am a male.” In a video, Idris was seen saying, “There are some BJP leaders, who think ED-CBI can’t touch them,” along with writing on the clothes.

[আরও পড়ুন: স্থায়ী পুনর্বাসনের দাবি, টালা ব্রিজ উদ্বোধনের দিনই বিক্ষোভ]

Earlier, T-shirts of Trinamool workers were seen writing ‘Don’t touch my body’ to taunt state opposition leader Subvendu Adhikari. Although the Trinamool leaders said, during the puja, the third wave of Corona (Covid) should not hit, that is the reason for the precaution. Advise to stay away from crowds in streets, markets or mandaps.

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