Sachin Tendulkar’s batting made netizens nostalgic about Sharjah

News Daily Digital Desk: Retired from professional cricket nine years ago. But the magic of Master Blaster is not over yet. Sachin Tendulkar has filled the hearts of cricket lovers by playing an innings of 40 runs off just 20 balls in the Legends League. Seeing one of his shots, cricket lovers have gone back to that famous desert innings in Sharjah 24 years ago. Sachin played exactly the same shot in both the matches. Netizens are impressed as soon as the video goes viral. God of cricket has proved that even though the time has changed, the quality of the player has not changed. Netizens have claimed that Sachin can be thought of as the third opener for the World Cup.

Sachin is captaining the Indian Legends team in the Road Safety League. In the first match of the tournament, Master Blaster was in a great form. Sachin started scoring runs at an aggressive pace against England. He hit bowler Chris Tremlett for two sixes in the third over of the match. A four also comes from Sachin’s bat in that over. Seeing the pace of runs, Sachin fans assumed that their favorite star would at least score a half century. But that hope was not fulfilled. Sachin had to go back to the pavilion after scoring 40 runs.

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Netizens are excited about Sachin’s special shot during the match. He hit Tremlett for a six in the third over of the match. Sachin came out of the crease quite a bit and hit a six over the bowler’s head. Seeing that shot, netizens went back to Sharjah 24 years ago. Sachin reminded of the famous innings of 134 runs against Australia. He also hit a six in that match. As soon as the video went viral, netizens asked, have we gone back to 1998? After seeing this shot, the netizens named Sachin’s innings as ‘Sharjah 2.0’.

Many are asking to consider taking Sachin to the team for the upcoming T20 World Cup. For quite some time now, the opening pair of the Indian team has been having trouble scoring runs at an aggressive pace. Experts believe that Virat Kohli can be opened. But after watching Sachin’s innings on Thursday, like the netizens, there is no need to think about the third opener of the Indian team. The way Sachin is batting, there is no need to think about anyone else.

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