SBSTC worker stage protest in Purulia. Mouthshut News

Published by: Sayani Sen | Posted: September 22, 2022 11:01 am| Updated: September 22, 2022 11:01 am

SBSTC worker stage protest in Purulia.  Mouthshut News

Sumit Biswas, Purulia: The movement of Kurmi society has been going on for three days continuously. Due to this, the railway services were suspended. But not only rail. The temporary workers of South Bengal Rashtriya Parivan Nigam are also participating in the movement due to lack of work. Not a single bus leaves the depot. Suffering passengers.

Depot of SBSTC at Belguma, Purulia. Kolkata, North Bengal and South Bengal together have a total of 30 routes. Out of 30, only 12 routes are running now. SBSTC temporary workers claim that they are not getting proper work. Total 12 to 14 days work in whole month. Get Rs 519 if you work daily. It is creating financial problems. Workers demand that they should work at least 26 days a month. Instead of 519 taka, 1000 taka should be paid as daily work. Shamil, SBSTC’s temporary driver and conductor, is on strike from Thursday morning with this demand. The movement is led by the Trinamool trade union INTTUC.

[আরও পড়ুন: প্রেম-যৌনতা-প্রতিশোধ! বীরভূমের শিশুখুনের নেপথ্যের কারণ জানলে চমকে যাবেন]

Conductor Apurba Lal Mahalani and driver Amirul Sheikh demanded that the agitation will continue until the settlement of non-payment of 26 days. SBSTC Belguma depot manager Indrajit Banerjee did not pick up the phone. So it was not possible to get his response. INTTUC district president Ujjal Kumar claimed that although INTTUC led the strike today, nothing is known about it. He said, “I see what happened. Looking for a speedy solution.” Meanwhile, a passenger named Bharti Supkar also suffered due to non-availability of bus since Thursday morning. He said that he could not get any bus from Purulia to Bankura. He had to reach Bankura in a private bus with great difficulty.

Meanwhile, the Kurmid movement fell in three days. Due to continuous agitation, train services were suspended on Thursday as well. A total of 62 trains of Adra and Kharagpur division were canceled on Wednesday. Among them were 22 long-distance trains. Similarly many trains were canceled on Thursday as well.

[আরও পড়ুন: DA মামলায় হাই কোর্টে ধাক্কা রাজ্যের, মেটাতেই হবে বকেয়া মহার্ঘ ভাতা, জানিয়ে দিল ডিভিশন বেঞ্চ]

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