Shashi Tharoor might run for Congress president, speculations arise

News Daily Digital Desk: MP Shashi Tharoor may contest the election of Congress president. According to sources, Shashi Tharoor believes that he can show a new direction to the party as the Congress chief. Incidentally, Tharoor was one of the 23 angry Congress leaders in 2020. However, a final decision has not yet been taken on whether Tharu will participate in the party’s presidential election.

As a political party, it is in trouble Congress. According to informed sources, Rahul Gandhi is not willing to take responsibility of the party. Due to physical ailments and age, the question remains as to how much Sonia Gandhi will be able to play an active role. In this situation, it was heard that Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot may be appointed as the president. Incidentally, since 2019, there is no permanent president (Congress President) in the Congress. Sonia Gandhi is handling the responsibility of the party as interim president. Next October 17 President election will be done

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In this situation, it is heard that Shashi Tharoor discussed with other leaders of the party. The Congress MP also talked about how much role he can play as president. But it is said that no decision has been taken yet. Tharoor also avoided the questions of journalists on this issue. However, in a Malayalam newspaper, Shashi Tharoor made several comments about the upcoming Congress elections.

He wrote, “At least twelve constituencies of the Congress working committee needed to be elected. But re-election to the post of President will revive the Congress. It was very necessary for the team to take this step.” He cited Britain in 2019 as a comparison. Boris Johnson was chosen as the leader of the country’s Conservative Party, replacing Theresa May. Similarly, Tharoor is of the opinion that if the Congress leadership changes, the party will ultimately benefit. He wrote, “If there is a change in leadership, the importance of national interest will also increase in the Congress. As a result, voters will again be attracted towards Congress. I think many will want to contest the presidential election.”

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