Tortoise Turns 100, Canada Museum Celebrates Occasion With Special Events

Picture shows the tortoise Gus turning 100 years old.

A tortoise who has lived at a museum in Halifax, Canada, since the 1940s turned 100 this month. And the museum has decided to celebrate the occasion. It has organised three events on three consecutive days, starting Friday, to celebrate Gus the Gopher Tortoise’s birthday, according to a report from CTV News Atlantic.

Pictures of the 100-year-old tortoise were shared on Twitter by the football club on Tuesday. Sharing the post, the football club handle wrote, “The oldest Wanderers fan we know! An honour to stop by @NS_MNH and celebrate a Happy 100th Birthday to Gus!”

The post was also re-shared by The Museum Of Natural History of Nova Scotia on the same day on Twitter.

The museum separately shared a post on Facebook along with photos of Gus on Friday and wrote, “The tortoise of the hour. (Actually, of every hour). Thank you all for the hatchday well wishes! And thank you to everyone who joined for the first hatchday party. We’re continuing to celebrate all weekend, with official parties at 11am and 2pm today, Saturday and Sunday.”

The birthday turtle appeared live on the Global News Morning Show from his year-round residence, reported Global News.

According to museum manager Jeff Gray, 100 tortoise years are equivalent to 100 human years, which is a big accomplishment for Gus.

“In the wild, they generally live to be about 60 (years old),” Gray said. “That, though, is largely due to human impact.”

Gus, also nicknamed as “the lettuce king,” is thought to be the oldest Gopher tortoise still alive. “Owing to the fact that he doesn’t have those external threats is likely the reason for his longevity,” Gray said.

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